Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Big Bang!

The Big Bang!

The Big Bang

"What did you draw yesterday?" he asked me.

I pointed to the cabinet.

"Oh yeah," he said. "Do you think you can draw this?" he asked pointing to a self made book he brought home from school yesterday. It was about LEGOs and had a very complex drawing full of lines and squiggles on the cover.

"That'd be pretty hard for me to do. It's your drawing. Maybe you could do it."

He considered taking over the snack sack duties for a moment, but dismissed the idea, "Instead, I want a rainbow slinky."

"I don't do my drawings in color remember."

"You know who the first two people on Earth were?" he said abruptly changing the course of our morning.


"God and another person," he said with a nod, his eyes full of pride, "and they were there to see The Big Bang!" Just a few moments later he thought better of his declaration, "No. The Big Bang happened way before there were people...millions of years ago right?" He corrected himself without waiting for my response, "No, billions of years ago actually."

"Okay, what should we put on the snack sack?" I asked a little impatiently. He is so cute when he gets all chatty, but sometimes he needs a push to decide on something. He looked at me blankly. "Something about space since you were talking about The Big Bang?" I suggested.

"Yes! That's what I was going to say. The Big Bang!"

"Um, that's going to be hard," I said recoiling. "There are no drawings of The Big Bang." But the idea intrigued me so I went searching for images.

I had to concentrate a lot on this one. It was tough to keep the dots and lines uniform and well spaced. It was easy to start to get lazy but I did my best to keep the lines as straight as possible. I did not want to use a ruler. He wanted to add his name even though I had already added it. I was happy with the end result and was worried that he'd mess it up. But in the end, he just wanted his letters to be "pushed out" by the invisible force of the explosion. This is one of my favorites and definitely one of his as well.

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