Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our new cabinets

Our new cabinets

Home Entertainment Center

"What's for the snack sack today?"

"Our new cabinets."

Our custom entertainment center is finally complete after weeks of back and forth with our contractor. The cabinets are stained a deep reddish-brown and look terrific. We are very happy with the new look so it didn't surprise me that he chose them for today. Plus, he's been asking for physical objects all week.

It was pretty easy to do and I did my best to kept the lines straight and evenly spaced. When I was done he looked it over carefully. "If you leave this one like that, they might think this is a cabinet," he said legitimately concerned that his audience may experience a slight bit of confusion. He was referring to the center cabinet door under the TV. It stores the subwoofer and has a speaker cloth exterior versus the other doors that have wooden and glass exteriors. He took the Sharpie to help make the fix. "Do you want little dots on it or do you want me to color it in?"

Coloring or shading it in would have probably been more appropriate, but I envisioned him doing so with way too much ink, so I said, "Dots."

"Okay," he said pecking away at the square.

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