Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Gray Whale

A Gray Whale

Gray Whale

"A humpback whale."

As he said this, I noticed a stuffed humpback whale on a little table in our kitchen. "We've already done a humpback whale," I reminded him.

"Okay then, a gray whale," he responded without any hesitation.

"A gray whale?" I asked, impressed with how quickly he had changed whale types, "I don't even know what a gray whale looks like."

"I don't either," he admitted. I looked it up and handed him my iPhone. "Oh, it's the one with bumps and spots," he said as if he knew it all along. He handed my phone back right away. "Oh how cute. This is so cute!" he exclaimed. He definitely has a soft spot for cute stuff and presumably was keyed by the sea lions gathering around the gray whale.

I was going to protest since it had several things going on, since it was a picture and not a drawing, since it was underwater and I had no idea how I might represent that, and since I didn't have a lot of extra time. But instead, I just sat down, pulled out my double-tipped Sharpie and got to work. I wasn't very into the process, but do like how it came out.

"I like it," he said when he saw the finished product and added one more time, "Aw, that is so cute!"

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