Wednesday, April 3, 2013



[This is the only time I didn't get a picture of the snack sack, so sadly, I don't have a reference of this one. I forgot once before but was able to contact his teacher to ensure it made it home. I was hoping this one would on its own, but unfortunately it did not. I've included the reference which appears to simply be a screen grab from a scene in the movie.]

"I want Sandman!" he exclaimed still thinking about Rise of the Guardians.

I did a search and not surprisingly had a hard time finding anything suitable. I handed him my iPhone anyway and he picked this one.

"It's not gonna look like that," I informed him not feeling confident I could replicate this scene.

"That's okay. Just do it please," he responded.

"Okay, but it's not going to look like that," I repeated.

"Just do it please," he said with some desperation in his voice.

I worked hard to make this one look good and I did a pretty good job.

"I love it! I really love it!" he said studying the scene carefully. "What's this bar going through the dinosaur?" he asked inquisitively.

"That's the street. See the house?" I began to explain, "Sandman is on a house and there are other houses on the street. See?"

"Oh," he said trying to make sense of the various shapes in the scene, "and the Sandman made the dinosaur, right?"


"I love it!"

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