Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How about a sloth...

How about a sloth...

Sid from Ice Age

"How about a sloth?"

He had just made a sloth out of construction paper the day before at school. It was laying on the kitchen table. I did a search for regular sloth drawings and handed him my iPhone. I asked, "Do you want a regular sloth or Sid from Ice Age?" I fully expected him to pick Sid.

"I want Sid," he announced after briefly browsing the options.

"Okay," I said taking back my iPhone.

I ran a new search. He browsed for a very long time then picked an image with Sid's head among dinosaur eggs in what seemed to be a still from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. I didn't like it as a reference because I knew it wouldn't retain it's look out of the context of the color and surroundings of the animated feature. He was a little upset that he had to start looking again. He took another long while before he picked this one.

"I want to see!" he said when he came back to the kitchen after brushing his teeth. "I la-la-la-like it! I like it!" he said joyfully.

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