Friday, April 12, 2013




Because I had refused to do Hulk yesterday, I made sure to be up early to have time to do it today. I didn't check-in with him; I just found the image he selected yesterday and began drawing. As I drew, I had no idea if I was on track or not. As it came together, I could tell that my focussed effort was leading up to one of my favorite drawings so far.

Victor loved it too. He surprised me by saying, "Oooh, Luke is going to say, 'Wow! That's cool!!'" I don't  usually get any insight as to how he shares our project with his friends. He clearly shows off the snack sacks, but this was the first time he mentioned someone who would be really excited by one in particular.

"I want to put my name since you always get to put it," he told me. I was a little nervous that he'd write his name in big letters all over a drawing I was very happy with. He didn't. He found small spots for his letters and kept them diminutive leaving the drawing, to my pleasant surprise, in tact.

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