Thursday, April 18, 2013

I definitely want a puppy...

I definitely want a puppy...


"I definitely want a dog," he said without hesitation. "A puppy! I definitely want a puppy!" he corrected.

"Okay," I said and handed him my iPhone.

"Aww, how cute!" he said as he browsed, "Ooh, how cute!" He searched for a while and then found the one he was looking for, "I definitely want this one. He's so cute!"

Sometimes the easier looking ones are actually harder to draw. There is less room for error with so few lines. I messed up right away and had to toss out the first sack. Starting with the head hadn't worked out so well, so I started my second try at the tail. It was looking pretty good until I realized that I had drawn the line for its back way too long which forced me to put the ear and top of the head out of alignment with the bottom of the puppy's face. It looked too wonky so I decided to toss that one out as well and start over. I've never tossed out two sacks before. I wonder why my confidence from yesterday didn't carry over to today?

He paid attention to my challenges and we discussed how and why I messed up. I can tell that he's beginning to take a real interest in art and drawing which is pretty cool.

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