Monday, April 29, 2013

Pop Top Containers

Pop Top Containers

Pop Top Containers

"Snack sack?" I asked.

"A banana," he said without delay.

"Just a single banana?" I asked for clarification.

"A-ha-ha-ha! Just kidding!" he shouted with the exuberance of someone who had just pulled off the greatest practical joke of all time.

He stepped away from his chair and walked over to the counter with purpose. He looked at and then pointed in a grand gesture toward three new OXO steel pop containers I bought yesterday.

"These three," he said with a wide grin.

This is going to be tough, I thought, but didn't protest. I turned to go get a snack sack from the pantry. 

When I came back into the kitchen, he was staring at me with a big mischievous smile. I was expecting that he had made a big mess with his breakfast or something. I noticed him glance over at the containers. "Like that, please," he said behind his smile. He had popped up the pop tops. 

"Okay," I said relieved that nothing else was the matter.

It was indeed tough to draw these containers and the fact that they are made of clear plastic made it even tougher.

"We have to put your name on the sack," I said enticingly.

"Do you want me to do it?"

"Yup," I confirmed.

He got to work and added some stuff of his own.

"It says OXO," he said observing the branding on the top of the pop top. On the sack he drew an the oval and wrote OXO using the fat tip of the Sharpie. It of course ended up looking like a big black blob. 

"See, less is more. Draw what you see."

"But it says OXO," he insisted.

"Not when you look at it from the angle that I was looking at it when I drew it," I said as I showed him. He decided to move on.

"You know what he's saying?" he asked as he filled in a speech bubble.


"He's saying, 'Help me!"

"Where's the R?"

"He's right here!" he said pointing inside the larger container.

"I thought it was a little man in there."

"Nope. He's saying, 'Help me!,' because he's stuck inside."

"Oh!" I said finally getting it.

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