Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Daffodil Art

Daffodil Art

Daffodil Art

"This!" he said proudly as he held up the daffodil art project he brought home from school yesterday.

He had been recognized as artist of the week last week at ESS. His work, including this daffodil made of construction paper with original art drawn on it, had been hanging up in the classroom area of his after school program all week. The orginal actually is quite nice to look at with the birds looking especially realistic.

It wasn't the first time I had made a drawing of his art so I didn't hesitate to get started. I finished in short order, trying to capture the elements of his art exactly as he had drawn it.

"I like it. I love it!" he said praisingly, "That's very good. You're good!"

He added his name himself, hiding the O and the R within. Before we walked out, he showed me more of the art he brought home. He highlighted one in particular and told me how he had tried to copy what I had done with The Big Bang! It looked pretty much like mine, but with lines of varying colors. It's cool for me to see his interest in art grow. Artist of the week! Super cool.

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