Monday, September 9, 2013

A Monster of Some Kind...

"What should we do today?"

"A monster of some kind."

"Okay," I said despite thinking it was a little early for Halloween stuff. I ran a search for "monster drawings" on my iPhone and handed it to him.

"Can you draw these three and just the creepy tree?" he asked after searching for a few minutes. The original had a little boy on a ladder and some tools hanging from the tree too.

"Sure," I said reluctantly. I really didn't have the time to do this one justice, but I did my best with the time I had.

"The gowns should really be all black," he criticized.

I ignored the comment. The fact was that my Sharpie was starting to run a little dry. Leave it to him to be so perceptive. I bought some new ones but have since misplaced them. I know he liked it nonetheless. These ghouls definitely look creepy.

He’s been drawing monsters of his own lately. I had to go into work on Sunday and brought him with me. He drew a giant monster on the whiteboard. It had a big orange head with expressive eyes and eyebrows. Its giant mouth was wide open, exposing its super sharp teeth. I had never seen him draw so freely. I am excited to see his confidence growing. It was impressive to see his own creation come to life. So cool!

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