Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Goofy in Stayin' Cool

Goofy in a Bathtub Full of Ice Cream

"What's for the snack sack today?"

"Mickey Mouse again!"

"Something else from No Service?" I asked, since we had so much fun with Donald and Mickey yesterday.

"No. Bad Ear Day," he suggested referring to a different Mickey Mouse animated short and remembering his trailing thought from yesterday.

I did a search but not too many images came up specifically from that cartoon. He ended up picking this funny snapshot of Goofy paddling in a bathtub full of ice cream from Stayin' Cool.

"Put it in a a truck or something," he told me knowing full well that in the cartoon Goofy is paddling inside an ice cream truck. I wasn't sure I'd have time. Plus, I couldn't find the snapshot in context of Goofy inside the truck and didn't think to just look up the actual cartoon on YouTube. It's often important where I choose to start drawing. Sometimes I choose well and get the proportions just right. Sometimes I don't. Today, I started with his leg and worked my way up to his face all the while super nervous of screwing the whole thing up. I was happy with the outcome.

Looking for approval, I asked him, "Did you see it?"

"Yeah, I saw it," he said flatly. "It's not really the same."

"Why?" I said with a stinging feeling in my chest. 

"Because it doesn't have the triangles," he said gesturing toward his eyes as if I was missing something tremendously obvious.

"You mean in the eyes?"

"Yeah," he replied. "Why didn't you do that?"

I shrugged. I didn't know really. I had done so yesterday. Perhaps the marker tip filled them in before I even had the chance. He's so observant and critical! The characters definitely have triangle cut outs in their eyes which is a distinctive feature of the animation style in these shorts. Oh well. I still like it despite the fully filled in eyes. :)

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