Thursday, September 5, 2013



"What should we do today?" I asked.

"SpongeBob," he said without much hesitation.

I didn't notice until a little later but he got the idea from a SpongeBob coffee mug in our cabinet. Had I realized that right away, I probably would have just drawn the cup. But since I didn't know, I ran a search as I usually do. He took way too long to pick one of the many options. I began to pressure him and he hurriedly picked this one.

"This one's kind of funny, right?" he asked. 

Sort of, but not really, I thought.

"Can you make his eyes cross-eyed?" he asked referring to the way SpongeBob's eyes look on the coffee mug.

"Sure," I said.

This was a classic SpongeBob look. Not all of the options were, so I was happy he picked this one. I had fun giving it a go.

"I like it," he told me, "It's exactly like the picture but bigger, right?"


 "Why does SpongeBob always wear a tie?"

"I don't know. That's a very good question."

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