Friday, September 13, 2013

A Chomper Plant from Plants vs. Zombies

Chomper from Plants vs. Zombies

"A Chomper plant from Plants vs. Zombies," he told me without hesitation.

I like it when he gets on a roll with a particular reference. Unfortunately, I messed up right away on this one and had to start over.

Once he had finished his breakfast he came over to my side of the table. "Are you going to make the teeth sharp?" he asked as he walked over. "Oh! You did make them sharp. Cool!"

I smiled at him, pleased with his reaction.

"Can you do the purple and green?"

"No," I said. I likely had the time but still don't want to introduce color. It's hard enough for me to complete these in 20-30 minutes each morning. Even just coloring things in takes longer than you'd expect it to.

"How about I bring it home and you do it at home on the weekend?"

"If you remember to bring it home. You haven't brought any home this year," I said with a wounded tone. Well, maybe one, I thought to myself.

He didn't respond.

To make up for yesterday I added the "vs." to his nameplate. I still messed it up, but it's sort of readable. It seemed silly to write "vs. Zombies" on this one and not yesterday's so I wrote "vs. Chomper" instead. He laughed when he saw it and kept repeating, "Victor vs. Chomper. Victor vs. Chomper. That's funny!"

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