Friday, September 20, 2013


Tarantula Spider

This was a very frustrating morning. We got a late start because he overslept and I wasn't strict enough about his wake-up time. I found out a while later that to make the morning even tighter, he fell back asleep after I nudged him awake.

Downstairs, he was extra cranky not just because he was forcibly awakened, but also because he got grounded last night for making the nighttime routine a nightmare. So no TV this morning for him which guaranteed him to be in a sour mood.

I had a lot of household chores to take care of and didn't get down to picking my subject until I had less than 15 minutes before we had to be out of the house. I had planned to draw an ICEE cup since I skipped out on doing so yesterday; but, as I was wondering if I could finish it in time, he jumped in with a new idea.

"Do Prism Break!" he exclaimed with authority. He got some new Skylanders for his birthday on Wednesday. I felt a lot of pressure to get started, but did a quick search and handed him my iPhone. It took him too long, however, to decide on Prism Break vs. other Skylanders that showed up. Plus, there were no good drawing references and it's always harder for me to draw from a photographic reference.

I had to take charge immediately and went to Plan C. With little time left to draw much of anything, I quickly did a search for a tarantula spider drawing. I banged this one out in what little time I had left. I've never felt so much tension trying to produce something decent in such short order. Tomorrow, I'm waking him up early!

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