Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Big Bang Trigger Happy

Big Bang Trigger Happy from Skylanders

"What'll it be today?"

"I've got an idea, but it has to be an animal."

"Which animal?"

He paused for a long while thinking. Then he asked sheepishly and out of left field, "Would it be okay if you did Trigger Happy?" He was referring to one of the Skylanders.

"Haven't I already done Trigger Happy?"


We looked him up. I hadn't, so I did. The one he picked is specifically Big Bang Trigger Happy.

After he finished his breakfast he asked me, "Do you think you're doing a good job Daddy? Do you think it's looking good?"

"Yeah," I replied.

"Can I see how it's coming out?" he asked walking around the table. "Ooh, it is coming out good!"

He sat next to me reading his school book aloud as I worked to finish the drawing. He watched me draw and I learned all about magnets. I love our time together in the mornings.

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