Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sven from Disney's Frozen

Sven from Disney's Frozen

I got home late last night and felt very sluggish this morning. He was tired too for some reason. Usually he wakes up on his own, but today he slept in. I let him sleep until about 8:00am.

"Any snack sack ideas for today?"

"No," he said still groggy. "Do you have any?"

"Maybe we can do something else from Frozen?" I suggested. On Saturday, we watched Frozen for the third time in the theaters. "Maybe Sven, but I'm not sure I have enough time."

I did a search and we picked one quickly. I had less than 15 minutes left which was just enough time to complete it.

"Daddy, what happened to this part?" he asked pointing to his back and butt.

"I kind of made him too skinny at first and tried to fix it."

"Oh," he said, still groggy.

We headed out the door, neither of us looking forward to the day ahead.

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