Monday, January 6, 2014

Nespresso Machine

Nespresso Machine

With the holiday break it's been a few weeks since we've sat down to draw anything. Unfortunately, I had hardly any time today. I had lots to do in the morning and he woke up late to boot. Better said, actually, I woke him up very late because I had lots to do.

"I need something super easy today because I may not even have enough time to do anything," I told him as I rushed to get his breakfast onto the table.

He looked over at our new Nespresso machine and said, "A coffee maker?"

"It's a Nespresso machine."

"Okay, then a Nespresso machine."

"I can try, but I still have to make your lunch. How about another option?"

"A phone?"

"Which phone?"

"Your phone."

I wasn't happy with that option either. I had about 10 minutes when I sat down. I decided to just try the Nespresso machine. I had no time to do it justice and it is always a challenge for me to draw using a real three dimensional object as the subject. I spent about 7 min on it. It's definitely not my favorite work.

He was in a pleasant mood, however, and refrained from his usual critique. "Oooh, good!" he said with a genuine smile.

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