Thursday, January 30, 2014



There was confusion today as to whether or not he needed to bring a lunch or even a snack. He's having a Teddy Bear breakfast this morning and neither of us were sure. 

He advocated to bring at least a snack. He was also very quick to ask for a shark. He was pretty excited about the shark tank he walked through during his SeaWorld field trip earlier in the week. In fact, he said the class walked through it twice. I handed him my iPhone and right away he picked this one.

"You can't do this, right?"

"I can," I assured him. I expect he thought it was too complicated. 


We wondered if I had ever done a shark. He didn't think so. It seemed odd that we hadn't done a shark almost two years into the project, but he was right.

"Ooh, cool!" he said when he saw it.

I was very confident in my strokes today and it shows in the quality of the drawing. It looked great and I felt great throughout the process. This is a favorite of mine, and of his, for sure. He brought this one back today.

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