Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

"Any ideas for the snack sack today?"


"Victor, any ideas for the snack sack today?"



"I'm having trouble thinking of anything."

"Come on, you can think of something."

"I'm the brainstormer, right?"

"Yeah! Let's pick a category. Do you want to do animals, places, things, buildings,...?"

"I want to do buildings. Something cool that we've already done. Like maybe the Empire State?"

"I don't think I'll have time for that."

"Oh, then you probably won't have time for the tallest building in the world."

"No, and besides, I like to do new stuff."

After searching around for some time on Google image search, we somehow ended up with this simple cruise ship.

I didn't care for the finished drawing too much myself, but he had unusually high praise for it when he saw it. "This I really like. It looks exactly like that," he said pointing to the reference.

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