Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ice Castle from Disney's Frozen

Ice Castle from Disney's Frozen

"What should we do today?"

"Ice castle," he said without hesitation. This was the third time he'd asked me so I couldn't refuse.

"Finally I have enough time," I told him. In fact, I had it in mind to attempt the ice castle today anyway. I had even considered waking up early to do it justice. I had visions of doing an amazing job, but it didn't quite work out that way. Even though I had a lot of time, I still felt rushed. Plus, the reference color poster snapshot was not an easy reference to work from.

When he saw it, he started in with his critique. First off he said, "You could have written 'Frozen.'"

I shrugged at him with my eyes. I had no more time left to add anything.

"Oh well, there's not a lot of detail. But it's okay."

"Just okay?" I asked.

He said, "Yeah. There's not a lot of detail."

I showed him the picture reference and defended myself, "See there's not that much detail in the picture."

"Yes there is!" he said animatedly. "See all that!" he said pointing to the castle, "That's detail." He continued, "And there's this swirl, like a tornado," he said pointing to a wisp of cloud coming out of the castle and into the sky. 

"Yeah, okay," I conceded. "It was pretty hard to do," I added looking for a little compassion.

He understood and just let it be as we headed out the door to school.

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