Thursday, January 9, 2014


Chompies from Skylanders

Our routine was thrown off because I went to the dentist this morning before he woke up. I had less than 10 minutes to draw anything.  "What do you want on your snack sack today? It's going to have to be super easy," I warned with a nervous edge in my voice. I feel a great deal of stress when I'm in a rush.

He shouted, "Chompy!" as he picked up a tiny one-inch monster toy that was sitting on the table. 

I had seen the thing there for a week and didn't know what it was exactly. "His name is Chompy?" I asked.

"Yeah, you remember, the Chompies from Skylanders?"

"Sure," I said unsure.

I looked them up via a Google image search and found only one drawing. He picked it. I rushed my way through the process making plenty of mistakes, all the while working in chicken scratch.

"I want to see the Chompies," he said after putting his shoes on and remembering that he hadn't paid any attention to the finished product. "Oh, they have sharp teeth," he observed. He studied it some more. "Is that a Chompy sun?" he asked about the one in the corner. He didn't wait for my response. "What's that heart for?" he asked pointing to what maybe are it's tonsils or uvula.

We were super late already so I rushed him out the door without answering or showing him the original for comparison. He tends to get very chatty when we're late. It's very cute, but like today, it usually isn't the time to entertain all his curiosities.

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