Friday, March 7, 2014

Funny Faced Monster

Funny Faced Monster

Last night, on the way upstairs, he grabbed the book he had brought home from his school library and said, "I have to show you something so funny!" He was giggling just thinking about it. "My friend and I couldn't stop laughing all day," he told me. The book was "Draw 50 Monsters" and I couldn't imagine what might be so funny in it. He flipped the pages pausing on this "Esobite mouth creach" (whatever that is) and gave out a laugh as loud as any he'd belt out from a good tickling.

He looked at me for my reaction. I was smiling but only because of him, not because of this "monster".

"You have to do this tomorrow!" he shouted.

This morning, he again started to giggle as he found the page for me. When he found it in the book, he belted out a laugh loud enough to wake the neighbors.

I got started with the fat tip of the Sharpie for a change. I drew the mouth outline and realized I hadn't left room for the tail. I tossed the sack and started over, this time inking the tail first. As a consequence, I ran out of room for the full width of its face. If you can believe me, the original reference has an even wider mouth. I switched to the thin tip of the Sharpie mid-way as I lost confidence and didn't want to make any other major mistakes.

After he finished his breakfast, he walked over and laughed another big laugh as he saw this monster coming to life on the sack. "It doesn't really look like a monster, right?" he commented.

I nodded. "It reminds me of the warthog in the Lion King."

"Yeah, but the warthog doesn't have elephant feet."

He went to go brush his teeth and I wrapped things up with a smile on my face. He's been critical as of late so I expected him to pick this one apart. He didn't. When he came back into the room, he bursted out laughing as soon as he turned the corner. He slapped his hands, his head, and threw his whole body onto the sofa as he convulsed from laughter. I think he liked it.

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