Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sea Monster

Sea Monster

"What should we do today?"

"I have no ideas!" About 10 seconds later, he said, "Okay, I have 3 more ideas left." He paused, then suggested, "The Devil's Triangle."

He's been watching Discovery Channel shows on YouTube and got into this one segment on the Devil's Triangle (otherwise known as the Bermuda Triangle). He can't stop talking about it. Of course, the Devil's Triangle isn't a good drawing subject. I explained this to him, but ran the search anyway. There wasn't much to choose from for drawing purposes. Eventually, we settled on this sea monster gobbling up airplanes and battleships.

This is a weird monster and a bizarre scene. The reference was some kind of digital rendering. It wasn't easy trying to pick out the solid lines. I struggled mightily. I was all too happy when time was up and I could put the Sharpie down.

"I like it!" he exclaimed when it was all done.

Today, I didn't capture all our dialog in the moment. He said some great stuff about the Devil's Triangle, shared some thoughts on magnets, and more. I'm disappointed that I don't have any of it written down. This will serve as a reminder for me to be more diligent about capturing notes each and every morning. I could paraphrase what he said, but that would be doing him a disservice. It's his delightful take on things, the inflections in his voice, and his actual words that I wish to capture here.

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