Friday, March 21, 2014

Lord Business

Lord Business

"What are we doing today?"

"What's the next season?"


"Oh, so Easter? Easter is in spring?"

I guess he meant holiday, not season. "Yes. Easter is in April."

"Can you do something Easter-y because I'm out of Leprechaun-y things."

"No. It's too early. It's not even April yet."

"I have no ideas." He thought for a moment. "A four leaf clover...that's boring!!!" he expressed in the most dramatic way possible. I laughed out loud. "A rainbow...that's boring!!! Just line, line, line," he continued, gesturing with his finger in the air. "Can you think of something this time?"

"Just try one more time. You can do it," I said encouragingly.

Some of his drawings were on the table. He glanced over at them and said, "Oh, I know...President Business...from The LEGO Movie."

I did a search and it turned out he wanted Lord Business, President Business's alter ego. He had drawn his own version a few days before. I didn't have much time and made quick work of it.

"Yeah I like it. It's good!" he said when I was done.

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